5 Ways to Keep the Snakes Away from your Property

Atlanta snake

If snakes are commonly found within your area, there will come a time when you will eventually encounter them in your yard. Most snakes are non-venomous and can significantly contribute to keeping the balance of our ecosystem. Nonetheless, most of us are still afraid of them since not all of us can differentiate the venomous from the non-venomous ones. If the idea of sharing your property with a snake creeps you out, here are some tricks on how to keep them at bay.

How to Keep Snakes Away from Your Yard
While some people may think that they are safe from the threat of snakes when they are in an urban area, there are still some instances when this creature may end up in your place. If you are afraid of snakes and want to prevent them from entering your home, read some of our recommendations below.

1. Will Keeping the Rodents Away Prevent Snake Invasion?
Rodents and insects are the primary food source of this reptile. By clearing the rats and mice in your home, you also lessen the probability that the snake will visit you. Snakes are hunters; they are pretty sensitive to the presence of their prey. By solving your rodent infestation, you are making your place less tempting in the eye of the snake.

2. Will Trimming my Grass Keep the Snake Away?
Those who have an outdoor yard should keep the shrubs and the grass in their garden ideally short. Snakes will often move through the tall grass to avoid being spotted by other predators. Additionally, since they are cold-blooded creatures, the area under the shrubs would be an ideal resting place for them. If they are already on your lawn, give the snake a lot of space, and secure your pets. Avoid confronting it until the professional arrives.

3. Is Cleaning Your Garden Effective Preventive Measure Against Snake Infestation?
Keeping your place clean and removing any clutters in your yard that they can use as a hiding ground will also help deter snake invasion. Piles of rocks, leaves, or dried grass will provide the animal with an excellent environment, especially when the day is too hot. If there is a stack of wood, store it above ground to prevent the animal from using it as a shed.

4. Will I Avoid Snake Invasion by Introducing a Fence?
There is a higher chance for a community situated close to a forested area to be visited by this reptile. There Is also the possibility that they will build the nest in the crawl areas of your yard. To protect yourself from the possible attack of this animal, try to surround the perimeter of your house with a fence, wire mesh, or hardware cloth. It will serve as your guard against the possible invasion of this animal.

5. Should I Seal the Cracks to Deter Snakes?
Snakes are flexible that enables them to fit on small crevices and cracks in our home. We might not even notice that they are using the gap as their entry point. Be sure to seal these vulnerable areas using the appropriate materials.

Snakes are mostly harmless and docile. However, they can still be dangerous when they are cornered or threatened. Avoid handling the snake infestation on your own. Call the help of a professional snake removal company to deal with the snake problem safely.

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